Not a native Swedish speaker? No worries, we have put together a summary of our services for you, and our staff is used to working with students speaking English. Select the license you are interested in below to read more, or simply contact us and we will help you get started with your intended license.

AM license - Mopeds

The AM license is the most popular choice for those intending to drive a moped, since the license also gives you permission to drive a moped car or a so called a-tractor. There are a few prerequisites for starting an AM education. You need to be 14 years and 9 months old to start practice driving your AM vehicle, and you need to be 15 years old to take the final test and recieve your AM license.

Contact us to get started with your AM license. We start new courses regularly, all year aside from during the most heavy winter period.

B license - Cars

When someone tells us they want a driving license, this is the license they are referring to. The B license allows you to drive any regular car up to a certain weight limit (3500kg), at which point they start being called light trucks and later on even proper trucks. We’ve helped thousands take their B license over the years and can help you as well. Our teachers have a great amount of experience and work with individual planning, meaning that you’ll get a dynamic education plan that works just for you and your needs.

Getting your driving license should be a fun experience. Let us help you get yours.

C license - Heavy trucks

Just as with the A license being split into different categories of motorcycles, the C license is split into different categories of heavy trucks. For regular heavy trucks that you see on the roads, the C license is the required level. If you wish to drive a heavy truck with an attached trailer though, you need a CE license. There is also the C1 license for light trucks like larger moving vans and heavy pickups, but in most cases the C license is what our customers refer to when they want a license for driving trucks.

Contact us and we’ll help you plan a fitting education schedule.

D license - Buses

The D license for driving a bus works almost identical to the C license needed to drive a heavy truck, as in that it is split up into different levels. The D license will allow you to drive a regular bus like those you can see around the cities, while a DE license is needed to drive a bus with a trailer or extended carriage.

Due to the vechicle types both operating and controlling differently, you need seperate licensens for buses and heavy trucks. Having one of them does not allow you to automatically drive the other. Contact us and we’ll help you get started.

YKB - For professional drivers

YKB, or Yrkeskompetensbevis, is a required license for those that wish to work with transporting goods or people professionally via heavy trucks or buses. To clarify, you need to have completed the YKB base course of 140 hours to be allowed to work as a city bus driver. The same applies if you wish to work as a truck driver, transporting food and goods around from factories to stores and other locations.

While this is confusing to some, it’s easily explained like this. While a C or D license allows you to drive a heavy truck or a bus, that’s all it does. It allows you to drive those types of vechicles, not to work with driving them. An YKB license shows that you’re a certified professional. You know how to work as a truck driver or a bus driver, not just how to drive the vehicle. You know how to handle, transport and secure goods, how to manage your passengers and emergency situations, how to effectively plan your cargo and so on.

To be a professional truck driver, you need both the YKB license as well as the C or CE license for the vehicle itself. And the same goes for professional bus drivers, needing the D or DE license as well as the YKB license.

Contact us if you wish to know more or want to start your YKB education together with us.